Breakthrough Safety Training

Workplace safety isn’t about protecting your organization from lawsuits.
It’s about protecting your most valuable asset… the people that work for you.

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Immersive Safety
Leadership Workshop

Safety on the job is everyone’s responsibility. One person’s inattentiveness could spell disaster for your team. That’s why this safety leadership workshop is essential for every business. This 2.5-day experiential training course gives attendees the tools and the skills they need to bring about positive cultural change in every environment.

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Focus Factors

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Team Compliance

With the right leadership skills, you can inspire your team to comply with all safety protocols to protect every individual on your worksite.

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Policy Understanding

Policies are created for a reason. Learners will grasp the importance of policy and how it exists to keep everyone safe.

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Structured Environment

Structure isn’t the curse that many fear. Structure allows for efficiency, productivity, and a culture of safety in the workplace.

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Improved Communication

Good communication is the cornerstone to success in any situation. Learners will understand the importance of good communication and how it relates to safety.

All of Rapport’s programs, including our safety leadership workshops are designed to create sustainable, behavioral change. We do this through hands-on processes that knock people out of their comfort zones
and create an intense emotional experience to help rewire old patterns.
This creates real change and makes it stick.


What Our Graduates Are Saying

"This safety program is unlike anything I’ve ever done; it puts you in the now and makes safety personal. Now, I look at the individuals and their families and own my responsibility to them. It made me realize people and families are at the forefront of safety, not policies and procedures.  When I realized the impact of safety, it brought value to the rules.  It’s a fresh take on the way you approach safety that you can bring back and share with other people to really make a difference in the way they approach safety. BTS really ties together all of the safety, such as OSHA training, and makes you understand why those are really there.  It’s about people and family. This has been the most powerful class I’ve been through."

Joshua Stice

Director of Oil and Gas, Atwell LLC

"I learned that if I change the way I approach safety, I will get different results and foster a culture of safety."

Chris Headley

Safety Coordinator, AC Electric

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