Cancellation & Transfer Fees

This Agreement may not be canceled by either party. Full attendance in each training session is required. If participant cancels or transfers its reservation within fourteen (14) days of its scheduled course date, the fee of $100 will be applied against the course value. If the reservation is canceled or transferred within seven (7) days of the scheduled course date, a fee of $550 will be applied against the course value. Participant shall be obligated to pay the difference at the time of enrolling in the new course date. Participant MUST reschedule its reservation, pay any outstanding tuition and fees due, and attend the training session within one year of the date of receipt of the original signed invoice or the remaining tuition balance shall be forfeited. Participant acknowledges that participant has read and fully understood this Agreement. Tuition amounts are guaranteed up to one year from the signature date and are subject to change at any time thereafter. In the event three or more participants from the same company, who are scheduled to attend the same course, cancel said reservation within six (6) weeks of the scheduled course, a cancellation fee of $250 per person shall apply.

*Course dates are subject to change

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