Leadership Breakthrough Two

The only person you can control is yourself. Take responsibility for your future and love the life you’ve created.

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Leadership Workshops to Strengthen High-Performance Teams

Now that you’ve unleashed your potential in Leadership Breakthrough One, it’s time to create the future of your dreams! Leadership Breakthrough Two is a 2.5-day immersive experience full of leadership workshops that will teach decision-makers how to interact with those around them, collaborating for a better outcome.

Attendees will:

Are you ready to embrace a positive mindset and take full control
of your behavior? Your future is waiting for you.

Focus Factors

trust respect

Trust & Respect

Build trust and mutual respect with your teammates and create stronger relationships.

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Focus & Taking Action

First, you’ll learn to shut off distractions and laser in on what’s important. Then, you’ll be empowered to take action and move forward.

team roles icon

Roles in a Team

Understand what every individual brings to the group and leverage this for a successful future.

high performance icon

High Performance Team

Leaders leverage their team’s talent to create synergy and outperform expectations.

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Decision Making & Accountability

Leaders make decisions every day. Learn how to make educated decisions in a timely fashion and hold yourself accountable for the outcomes.

Creating individual behavioral change, especially sustainable change, is the most difficult ambition of nearly all training programs. That's why we utilize proven practices for creating true, long-term performance change.

For decades, Rapport’s processes have been a catalyst for behavioral change by
producing intense experiences that create self awareness, provide feedback,
uncover motivation, and utilize anchors to aid in recall.


What Our Graduates Are Saying

"What an amazing experience! I attended with 4 others from our Team and I cannot believe the difference it has already made in our decision-making, planning, and execution processes. Our team is stronger than ever and there is a camaraderie that has strengthened our bond. As a side note, my wife was part of the Team who attended LB2 with me and what it has done for our marriage as well is incredible!"

Dave Kimmet

CEO, Rehn & Associates

"This course was absolutely amazing! I learned and took so much from it that will apply to my life going forward. As Ms. Fonseca said, you grow tons when in the "panic zone" with support from your team. I did things at LB2 I would NEVER have thought I would do! The trust fall was honestly one of my biggest fears, but I overcame it and will never look back. I realized how much I was letting my fears control and dictate my life. This has changed thanks to Rapport and LB2! Thank you!"

Jared Pence

Assistant VP, Rehn and Associates

"The biggest takeaway for me was TRUST for myself and for my team.  I learned to be vulnerable and I know I have the tools inside me to be successful.  I feel empowered and I am extremely confident in my ability to affect change."

Sheri Severson

Executive Assistant, Sojourner Family Peace Center