Power Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of relationships.

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Communication Skills Training For Leaders

Do you ever feel like you’re speaking a different language? Every day, miscommunication damages relationships and jeopardizes business… but it doesn’t have to. This powerful communication skills training course teaches you how to better communicate for stronger relationships, both in and out of work.

Attendees will:

How you communicate makes all the difference. Improve communication, improve results, and improve your future!

Focus Factors

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Identifying Communication Style

Understand how you (and others) communicate best and leverage this knowledge to strengthen relationships.

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Creating Rapport

Learn how to create rapport quickly and maintain it for better communication and sustained relationships.

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Listening to Understand

You need to do more than “hear” people, you need to understand them. Learn how to listen better so you can move the business in the direction of the desired culture

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Reframing for a New Approach

Understand how reframing a situation can help change your mindset and, therefore, the outcome of a situation.

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Producing Win/Win Outcomes

Learn to develop solutions that benefit everyone involved

Creating individual behavioral change, especially sustainable change, is the most difficult ambition of nearly all training programs. That's why we utilize proven practices for creating true, long-term performance change.

For decades, Rapport’s processes have been a catalyst for behavioral change
by producing intense experiences that create self awareness,
provide feedback, uncover motivation, and utilize anchors to aid in recall.


What Our Graduates Are Saying

"The impact of Power Communication has enabled me to talk to my family and really dial in on the level of their communication style to actually be effective at communicating what they need to know in a way they understand.  People want to follow someone who understands and communicates well, and they will follow that person to success.  I can now stand up in front of a crowd, or sit with one person, and really dial in what needs to happen to accomplish goals."

Jason Tonn

VP of Operations

"In Power Communications and I learned that Givers Gain and Takers Lose.  If you don’t put yourself out there to give, you will lose.  It will help me involve myself with other people in their process, and also open myself up to receiving help.  I think the world needs more of the values and morals taught by Rapport as part of the fundamentals.  For anyone who may be thinking about going to PC, Just Focus and Do It."

Steve Dunaway

Sales Manager, Cleaver-Brooks

"Within the first 15 minutes, I had already learned an incredibly important life lesson and was on my way to an eye-opening journey.  I immersed myself and allowed myself to be open-minded.  I was afforded a very special opportunity to learn lessons that will positively change our lives and gained an amazing understanding of the art of communication and the power of leading with your heart and mind."

Alan Klusman

Estimator, Haines Kibblehouse