Sponsor: $50.00

Our teen courses are designed to be experiential with hands-on processes allowing students to be leaders by identifying both their potential and their power to effect change in their lives. $50 covers the supplies costs of a teen attending one of our programs. You may select to sponsor one batch of supplies ($50) for one teen, or multiple batches of supplies.


More Information on Sponsorship

Supplies sponsorships start at $50, which covers supplies costs for one attending teen. Purchasing more than one of this type of sponsorship will help multiple teens enjoy and grow from our leadership programs. Make a difference in a teen’s life and set them on the path to greatness. Remember givers gain!

Why Sponsor?

What’s the greatest gift you can give our youth? The education and training they need to reach their full potential. There are various ways to help sponsor teens enrolled in our Teen Leadership Breakthrough or Teen Eagle Quest programs. By providing a sponsorship for course supplies, you’re making a huge difference! Givers gain!

Here’s what teens will achieve from the program:
  • Passion and enthusiasm to live their mission and vision
  • Learning how to prioritize and keep focused on their efforts
  • Learning when it is important to listen, when and how to ask questions, and how to speak their ideas powerfully
  • How to work as a team and build trusting relationships with those they encounter every day, add to a group’s success, and foster the best in others
  • How to unleash their personal power by facing their fears and moving forward, learning what they are capable of when they are willing to take action
  • Discovering what it is that makes them who they are
  • Understanding the characteristics of a successful leader
  • Learning the value of having fun with their teammates while concentrating their effort on a common goal
  • Committing to themselves and realizing the benefit of holding others accountable
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