Live Virtual Experiences

Our Live Virtual Leadership Training Courses Will Help You Become The Leader You’ve Always Wanted To Be - And Work For. These Transformative Learning Opportunities Will Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Break Through What’s Holding You Back, And Show Up As The Best Possible You For Your Team, Your Family, And Yourself.


In addition to our on-location courses, we now offer our signature Leadership Breakthrough One and Power Communication courses as live virtual courses. During these classes, our instructor is live with the students on Zoom, so the experience is just like that of an in-person class. We have integrated the same dynamic, immersive, breakthrough experiences of our on-site trainings with the safety and convenience of learning online.

Strong leadership and teamwork is essential to a successful organization. Our courses are guaranteed to improve your communication, teach you how to engage and inspire your team, lead innovation, and become the best version of yourself.

Benefits of Live Virtual and Online Learning

Immersive – Participants don't need to be in the same room to have a completely immersive learning experience. Our live virtual courses provide hands-on, interactive personal growth development.

Safety – With our virtual courses, you can stay as physically distant as you like, while profoundly learning, growing and building relationships.

Convenience – Online learning allows you to gain all the knowledge and experience of a live course, without having to travel.

Comfort – Online leadership development allows you to learn from the comfort of your home office, living room, or even your balcony.

Increases Self-discipline – Learning online presents a new level of focus. The more you work on the self-discipline required, the better you’ll get at it.

More Options – You’re not limited by the cost and time commitment of travel. When you embrace online learning, the world is your educational buffet.

Our Most Popular Courses Are Available Online

Our students’ safety and well-being is at the forefront of what we do, which is why we’ve developed online learning opportunities to keep our students safe during these unique times, while still helping them to grow.

If you do choose to attend in-person trainings, know that your health is a priority. Our courses are structured to allow 6-foot social distancing and are PPE-friendly, so you can focus on soaking up knowledge and feel safe at the same time.

Leadership Breakthrough One Live Virtual Training

Step outside your comfort zone without stepping outside your house. Leadership Breakthrough One provides online leadership development that will help you rapidly escalate your personal and professional relationships to new and meaningful heights. You’ll learn how to better communicate, give and accept feedback, and harness the passion and enthusiasm needed so you can achieve your life’s purpose.

Power Communication Live Virtual Training

How we interact with one another has, in many cases, shifted to virtual. What hasn’t changed is the need for good communication. In the Power Communication Live Virtual Training, you will learn the different communication styles and how to adapt your speaking to better relate to others. Imagine what life will be like when you can better and more quickly engage, communicate, and build rapport with everyone you come in contact with, virtually and face-to-face.

Why Our Training Works

The impact of Rapport’s Training

Creating individual behavioral change, especially sustainable change, is the most difficult ambition of nearly all training programs. Rapport has created a series of training and development courses that implement proven practices for creating true performance change. The processes and delivery are the catalysts for changing behavior. The following practices are the reason Rapport’s training has an immediate and ongoing impact on behavior, productivity, and performance.


Learning begins when individuals become aware of their self-limiting behaviors, their strengths, and the many opportunities they have for personal growth. Rapport provides the opportunity for participants to “look in the mirror” and assess their performance. During the class, there is time for exercise debriefing, journaling, and quiet reflection. Ongoing processes ask the participant what the learning entails and how to apply it in their lives. Bottom-line, people must have self-awareness in order to make meaningful and lasting changes.

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"As a result of the training from Rapport, not only does the culture continue to be powerful here; the leaders gain skills on how to develop rapport with their team members. Turnover is almost nonexistent here."



In sports, athletes practice skills and techniques in order to improve performance. Through practice and experience, performance is enhanced and it continues to improve. In the same manner, everything Rapport teaches about leadership is through an experiential process that correlates directly to a leadership attribute and behavior. Rather than just discussing or lecturing on a variety of leadership traits, all participants of Rapport training experience and practice leadership behaviors such as accountability, communication, enthusiasm, focus, passion, taking action, teamwork and trust. It is through these experiences that improved performance results.

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"Specific things I’ve learned or that I’ve gained from the Leadership breakthrough one was the understanding the blocks that was keeping me from progressing in life that I really wanted to be."



Additionally in sports, providing coaching and feedback to an individual offers insight into one’s behavior. Rapport’s classes are dedicated to giving individual attention and coaching to every participant. For this reason, class sizes remain small. At Rapport, our trainers are coaches. In every course, they offer coaching and feedback that is honest, direct, instant, and one-on-one. This feedback is designed to empower the participant and move each forward to his/her own next level of performance. Great coaches have the power to unleash the potential of individuals by seeing qualities that they may not see for themselves.

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"Rapport has affected my business because of the outstanding things I’ve learned in the training institute."



The key to motivation is not simply to motivate the participant; rather, it is to allow a student to discover, uncover, and tap into his or her own internal motivators. At Rapport, our processes allow students to identify what is important to them. Graduates walk away inspired, focused, and internally driven.

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"Rapport has a no nonsense, common sense, logical approach to training and coaching and it works."



Anchors are words, phrases, or movements used as a prompt to recall behaviors, emotions, or experiences. At Rapport, anchors are used so after the training, participants have quick, easy ways to recall and apply specific leadership competencies. For example, when a student completes a training process that anchors-in taking action, this anchor is readily accessible for application in any decision-making process.

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"My relationship with my family is better than ever and I couldn’t be happier about that! Since I came back, my whole attitude has change as well as my goals and ambitions in life."



The purpose of all training is to help change behavior. The challenge is overcoming years of habit. In Rapport classes, students experience a range of emotions. Quite simply, the emotions verify that our exercises are connecting on a deep level to something that is meaningful to participants. From this connection comes the recognition of what was and of what can be in the future by changing behavior.

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"I never would have taken this step without the training I received at Rapport. Thank you, and thank you for always checking in."