Advance your career
and build confidence
with action-oriented
learning experiences.

We offer training for companies to develop their leaders, deepen their cultural alignment, and create comprehensive solutions for retaining and engaging employees right from their start.

Our solutions are fully customizable to fit your personal learning journey or organizational development needs.

Included In Each Course: In-Course Challenges, Interactive Resource Guides, Peer Perspective Videos, Motion Graphics, Game-Based Mechanics, Assignments and Quizzes, Motion Graphics, Actionable Graphics, Surveys. Additional Features: Train-The-Trainer, LMS Hosting, Branded Landed Page

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Defining Moments
Leading from Within
Emotional Intelligence
Common Ground
Just Focus and Do It
Relationship Building
Retention and Engagement

Team Performance

Change Management
Team Accountability
Team Communication
Trust and Commitment
Decision-making and Delegation
Team Building
Recognition and Appreciation

Leadership Influence

Cultivating Culture
Project Leadership
Effective Onboarding,
Positive Intentions
Goal Setting
Coaching and Feedback
Uplifting Leadership

Rapport U Leader Series

Accelerate the Learning Curve

The Rapport U Leader series includes seven courses for overachievers who prefer to fast-track their learning. You'll practice skills through in-course challenges and gain confidence to apply these techniques to your own world.This nine-month blended learning experience is designed to accommodate a busy lifestyle. The courses are self-paced with the guidance of a Rapport Trainer.

Who Is A Leader?
A critical investment in your company’s future.

Traditionally, front-line leaders were supervisors, first-time and mid-level managers, or foremen who fulfilled managerial tasks. In the changing world of remote workforces, cross-functional teams, and flatter organizations, these individuals are also identified as functional leaders who may not have direct reports or authority yet are responsible for others’ work


Courses and Solutions

Advance your career and build confidence with action-oriented learning experiences.

emotional intelligence

Defining Moments

Recognize how you impact others, understand the importance of creating positive and memorable experiences, and discover techniques to consciously design defining moments.

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project leadership

Project Leadership

Discover different ways to keep things moving and instill in ourselves and others the momentum to achieve projects that we set for our teams and ourselves.

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team accountability

Team Accountability

Taking accountability starts from within and projects outward. Consistently owning tasks and results builds momentum for the team to follow and inspires success.

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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Being able to recognize your emotions and those of others is an ability that enables stronger connections. Elevate your EQ!

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effective onboarding

Effective Onboarding

Cultivate lasting relationships with the people you hire through the processes you implement and the environment you create.

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retention and engagement

Retention And Engagement

People quit leaders before they quit jobs. It is the number one reason for high turnover with a high cost to the business. Navigate your leadership role by applying the right tools and resources to engage your team.

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