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Carolyn shares her experience as a Rapport master graduate.


Steve Kyong of GES, Las Vegas, shares the benefits he gained from attending Leadership Breakthrough One with Rapport Leadership.


What Greg Barton has to say about his experience, how he felt before going to class, and what he got out of attending.


Beth Galofaro from One Nevada Credit Union shares her experience about attending class and the difference it made in her life.


Hanna Wessel of who completed the Rapport Leadership experience and feels greater confidence.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This experience was a terrific way to re-evaluate my life and how to change it to be more fulfilling, both professionally and personally! Its effectiveness is in total immersion, highly interactive activities, intense self reflection and bonding that comes from forming a team that became a crucial support system for me along the way. Change is very hard and this course has given me excellent tools, a supportive network and motivation to stay true to the promises I made to myself.”

Jennifer Bennett Assistant Vice PresidentUSAA

“Rapport is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime type experience. Regardless of your desire or "need" for professional development I would advise you strongly consider attending this training so you can see your full potential to grow as a person! In three short days I felt as close with a group of strangers as I have felt with longtime friends. Nothing about the class is easy, however because of the challenge you feel an immense amount of gratification upon completion. In just 72 hours of work I earned a certificate that gave me a greater sense of satisfaction than my four year degree and CPA certification upon completion. The tools and concepts are directly applicable to my personal and professional life and I guarantee you will feel the same upon completing the course. The setting, facility, and food are all top notch. Everyone from the trainers, to the kitchen team, to the housekeeping staff is there to help you succeed and they work tirelessly to allow you to immerse yourself in becoming the person you are meant to be. If you are fortunate enough to be nominated you should absolutely get it on the calendar, it absolutely is life changing!”

Jake MillerCOO

“A person needs to go into this class with an open mind. The class makes you open your eyes to a different perspective on how you see safety and being a safety leader, to work along the rules and regulations that a person already knows. This class brings a personal insight to the safety of your co-workers and yourself. It explores the areas that a person lacks to bring the message of safety across.”

Randolph RyanPlant SupervisorSouthwest Energy

“Leadership Breakthrough One was an outstanding adventure where I found my voice, my enthusiasm for life, as I embraced my strengths and broke through my fears. It was amazing to build such a strong team of wonderful classmates in such a short period of time! I have gained 18 peers who I can rely on to keep me accountable and share in their successes! I would highly recommend anyone to attend, give 100% of yourself to the process and discover the truly awesome leader within!”

April Duffner AccountingMunicipal Pipe Tool Company

“Throughout the process from the beginning until about three quarters of the way through I did not know exactly why I was attending the training. There was a turning point in the final day that all the information and all the exercises that we participated in came together to reveal WHY I was in the Nevada desert. I know that each and every individual will receive something different or unique. Although I know that my work life and home life are directly affecting one another I found a focus in the areas that I was lacking at work that were negatively effecting my family. I came back from Rapport with an amazing clarity and much needed focus to create a great work environment to strengthen my already AMAZING home life. I have started the process and will continue to push for greater accountability from myself and my trade partners. This focus will make everyone on my projects lives especially my own more successful in every aspect. Thank you Rapport Leadership!!!”

Cody BandemerConstruction Manager
Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

“I will tell you what I just told the whole company at lunch: I did not expect to walk-in alongside 20 strangers and leave with 20 best friends. I learned not to judge a book by it's cover, but to seek and understand. Not to live life by being distracted, but to actively listen and connect with people - and let them connect with me. To have passion and be passionate! I learned the power of enthusiasm, team work and how to empower all those around me. Before Rapport, I was feeling stuck, stagnant in work and in life. Post-Rapport, I am SO excited to grow...a clear path has been brought into focus. I was able to push myself to find a new comfort zone - one that is elevated, that would have never been possible without my trainers and team at Rapport. The process you will experience is nothing short of brilliant and it wouldn't make sense if you didn't just trust the team, dive in and experience it head-on. The way I connected with 20 people in two days puts to shame the relationships I've had with people for many years. It's humbling to think - what would the world look like if we all put forth the skills learned at Rapport into each and every person we meet?! It was undoubtedly the hardest thing I have ever done, yet the most rewarding. I walked away with a contagious smile, friends and skills for life."

Alyssa Auerbach Marketing & Design ManagerExcell Foodservice Equipment Dealer Network

“If you're reading this promotional material, CONGRATULATIONS, you have been offered the best gift of your life! Rapport is the place to be if you are in search of identity, growth and community. The agenda is strategically arranged to set you up for success and the processes extremely moving, inside and out! The value gained is worth the cost to will leave refreshed, excited, energized, a part of an amazing team and will be part of an elite group of individuals who have also completed this training. Do not let the fear of the unknown be an obstacle if you're on the fence - trust that for the past 30 years, Rapport has been training the most incredible leaders and that YOU can be one of them if you accept the invitation!”

Amber Nelson Safety & Risk AdministratorH&K Group

“It is hard to believe it was a quarter of a century ago that I attended Rapport Leadership International’s Teen Leadership Training. It truly helped me survive my rough teenage years with a depressed mother. I was lucky she went first and loved it so much that she then sent me. A few years ago, after suffering a divorce and the loss of a friend, I went into a dark place myself. The person who pulled me out was actually that mother of mine who understood, first-hand, and also knew how to get out of it. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH, as we were both taught at Rapport. These principles still reside deep in my soul and in my brain. I started a business at the age of 29. People always seemed impressed by this. I guess it never seemed like that big of a deal because I always knew I was a leader. I learned a lot about what Leadership meant running a small hair studio for 11 years. Leadership is about including everyone. It is about being cohesive in a group. I came across my Love Letters from all those years ago tidying my home last year. What a beautiful gift they still are. I will re-read them anytime I am stuck or just need a little boost. In tidying, I became so inspired to help others do the same and discover their joys and passions that I, myself, became a KonMari Tidying Consultant. I would recommend the Rapport Training to anyone looking to further their Leadership skills, or just find out how life can be lived with confidence.”

Jasmine Milligan
Teen Leadership Graduate

“Rapport has a no nonsense, common sense, logical approach to training and coaching and it works”

Bruce Howardgeneral manager

"It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Rapport Leadership International for their courses in Leadership and Personal Development. I am a Master Graduate of Rapport Leadership International and I can attest to the impact that the courses at Rapport have had on me, my family and my former company (Corbins Electric). In January, 2000 I was actively searching for courses that would have a meaningful impact on my ability to lead within our organization. I, like many people, had attended multiple leadership courses. However, those courses focused primarily on skills that any leader needs to use, such as, time management. What I was truly looking for was a course that would help me to become a better leader, by doing a better job of providing inspiration and motivation to my teammates. I attended my first Rapport course (Leadership Breakthrough 1) in March 2000. Within minutes of the course beginning, I realized that this was going to be a completely different experience. Over the next couple of days, I was challenged repeatedly to identify and break through the roadblocks that were preventing me to be a better leader and communicator. What I came to realize was that becoming a better leader had far less to do with learning new skill sets and had everything to do with self- improvement. The team at Rapport did a fantastic job of creating an environment that challenged me to put in the hard work and push through my roadblocks. The net result was a tremendous amount of personal growth. I signed up for a Rapport course, hoping to improve my ability and effectiveness as a leader in my organization. What I took away from the experience was a tremendous amount of personal growth, which benefitted me in every aspect of my life. I became a better leader at work, a better husband, a better father, a better son, a better friend and on and on and on!After experiencing the awesome results that Rapport helped me achieve, I had to pass the experience on to others. I have since, sponsored several family members to attend Rapport courses, as well as, dozens of other Corbins Electric employees. Rapport has been a valuable partner to Corbins Electric since 2000 and has helped literally dozens of other Corbins Electric teammates achieve their self- improvement and become better leaders! I would highly recommend Rapport Leadership International to any organization that wants to positively impact performance and productivity within their company!"

Mark H. Fleming Retired, former owner and CEOCorbins Electric

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