Youth Leadership Programs & Courses

Our teen courses are designed to be experiential with hands-on processes allowing students to be leaders by identifying both their potential and their power to effect change in their lives.

Teen Leadership Breakthrough

What is it exactly?

If you want someone to lecture you on leadership, you have come to the wrong place! This course is about you taking a hands-on role and being a leader!  In your Teen Leadership Breakthrough Course, you will interact with other high school teens, 15 to 18 years old, to learn what all of this “leadership stuff” really is.  In only two and half days, you will discover what it means to live with enthusiasm and realize your power to create a positive change in your world.

Are you ready to take the next step forward in school, sports, and extracurricular activities?   This is the perfect time to find out who you are and push yourself to your next level.  It is your life, after all, and if you are not leading it, then who is?  Bottom line, it is your time!

Here are some perceptions you will gain from class:

  • Focus: 
    There many distractions you face every day; it is no wonder you are challenged by staying focused.  Learn to prioritize, keep focused on your effort, and you will surprise yourself at what you will be able to conquer.
  • Communication: 
    Learn not only how to work as a team, and learn how to build trusting relationships with those you encounter every day.  Learn when it is important to listen, when and how to ask questions, and how to speak your ideas powerfully.
  • Self-Confidence: 
    Unleash your personal power by facing your fears and moving forward, learning what you are capable of when you are willing to take action.
  • Character: 
    Discover what it is that makes you who you are!  What are your values? What do you believe? Understand the characteristics of a successful leader and determine who it is that you want to be.  After all, you must know what you want to be before you can become it!
  • Teamwork:                                                                                                            Learn the value of having fun with your teammates while concentrating your effort on a common goal. Discover how to add to a group’s success and learn how to foster the best in others.  Commit to yourself and realize the benefit of holding others accountable.

Prerequisite: 15-18 years old and in high school or the summer following high school graduation

Course length: Two-and-a-half days

Note: At least one parent/guardian is required to be at graduation

What to expect …

Teen Leadership Breakthrough is a challenging course. It is a challenging course because when people move outside their comfort zones, the greatest amount of learning takes place. Students who attend our training complete over 50 processes throughout the training that challenge them on a range of skills like team work, focus, communication, and self-awareness. When students return to their personal lives, they are more engaged in their own success, more enthusiastic about the world around them, and more empowered to lead.

Teen Eagle Quest

This class builds self-confidence, improves communication skills and requires participants to raise the bar on personal achievement.  Taught on our state-of-the-art ropes course at the Rapport Executive Retreat in Alamo, NV, this adventure-based program builds on the skills learned in Teen Leadership Breakthrough by presenting teens with a series of high-energy, challenging activities.  Teens learn to accomplish tasks through critical thinking and teamwork.

In Teen Eagle Quest, teenagers learn:

  • Teamwork
    To apply teamwork by recognizing and capitalizing on individual strenths, improving communication skills and building trust.
  • Integrity
    To opperate from integrity demonstrating that they are their word, and that true integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  • Perseverance
    To continuously be moving forward through adversity and how to change their approach to get different results.
  • Personal Power 
    To believe in themselves and stay focused on their goals in order to reach their true potential and enjoy all of life’s possibilities.
  • Courage
    To get outside of their comfort zones and take decisive action when faced with fear

Teen Leadership Breakthrough graduate and in high school or the summer following graduation

Two-and-a-half days

Teen Leadership Breakthrough is a 2.5-day interactive class that will empower youth to advance their leadership ability and allow them to create positive change in their lives. This course is designed for teenagers, 15 to 18-years old, who are currently in high school. Students who attend our training complete several processes throughout that challenge them on a range of skills like teamwork, focus, communication, and self-awareness.


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