Breakthrough Safety

About the course

Safety is a one-time shot. Much of the safety training out there is based on policy, procedure, and compliance. While this information is necessary and valuable to every organization’s safety program, there has been a missing link in getting everyone on board and taking responsibility for being safe. The training instills the emotional components of safety and enables each participant to discover their purpose in being safe and answer the question, WHY? Why is it important for me to be safe? A whole new approach to safety. Breakthrough Safety is an intensive-style 2.5-day course that provides participants with the skills and tools to create sustainable behavioural change in the work environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Increase awareness of self-limiting behavioral patterns related to safety
  • Connect the intellectual knowledge of safety with the emotional commitment to being safe, which helps build a safer and more cohesive work environment
  • Take personal responsibility for creating a safer workplace, recognizing that leadership in safety has nothing to do with the title
  • Understand how concise language will create a safer work environment and elevate one’s own voice to empower others to create a safer culture
  • Reach a high level of personal commitment regarding safety by generating “I will” statements that help guide actions
This course is a part of the Master Graduate of Leadership program

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Breakthrough Safety

Safety Just Got Real Personal


2.5 Days

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For organizations wanting to instill


Personal Responsibility

Effective Communication

Frequently asked questions

Will Rapport provide travel to and from the training site?

It is the attendee’s responsibility to secure transportation to the training site.  That information will be provided in the letter you receive 45 days prior to the start of class.  Your LTA may have the information when you pick a date and a location and sign up for the class.

Are meals and lodging provided during the training?

Yes, all meals, lodging, and materials are provided for participants throughout the duration of the training.

I have specific dietary preferences. Should I bring my own meals?

Specify any specific dietary accommodations/concerns on your Medical Form. We will do our best to accommodate all medically related allergies/preferences. In addition, we encourage you to bring your own snacks to consume on breaks during the training as you wish.

I’m pregnant. Can I still attend class?

For the health and well-being of the attendee and the unborn child we do not recommend individuals who may be or are pregnant to attend this course until the pregnancy is over. We highly encourage consulting your medical professional to review the following training objectives prior to enrolling:

  • Strenuous physically activities
  • Intense mental and emotional demands
What should I wear while attending the training?

We recommend wearing casual attire while attending the training. We encourage you to dress comfortably and in layers as the temperature of the rooms in each facility may vary and attendees will be outside at various parts of the training. There will be frequent movement during the class, so we advise you to wear comfortable, sturdy closed toe shoes with good support. In addition, there are no dress requirements for the graduation.

I received my 45 day letter with some pre work attached to it. Why am I being asked to disclose contact information on the 5 most important people in my life?

As with all of our classes we have several very impactful processes during this training.  We have found that one those processes has an even bigger impact when we can get some help from the important people in your life so that is why we ask for this information. One of our class coordinators make contact with the individuals you disclose and ask them if they will help us make your training mean even more for you.  This is an essential part of Breakthrough Safety class.

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