About the course

Many individuals fail not by intention but by lack of planning. With a life action plan, you craft your journey, shaping a comprehensive life plan with abundance and positivity in personal and business realms. Let us guide you to equilibrium, recognizing diverse life aspects, refining your scheduling with adaptable prioritization, and crafting goals with vision. Envision an ideal future, and we'll assist you in turning aspirations into lived reality.

Learning outcomes

  • Craft a life action plan to shape your ideal future, committing to it to drive a cultural shift in your organization.
  • Embrace abundance, give back, think big, and foster a positive outlook in both business and personal life.
  • Achieve life balance and focus by recognizing the importance of various areas for a fulfilling and purposeful life.
  • Transform your scheduling approach by prioritizing important tasks, fostering self-awareness, and adapting to changing priorities.
  • Turn dreams into reality by envisioning and attracting support for your goals.
This course is a part of the Master Graduate of Leadership program

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Life Mastery

Craft Your Future, Plan Today


2.5 Days

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For individuals seeking

Work-Life Balance


Your Life's Purpose

Frequently asked questions

What is the length of the training? When am I expected to be present?

The training occurs over 2.5 days, allotting to 30 hours of training. On day one, participants should arrive on-site for registration at 5:45pm and training begins shortly thereafter. Training on day 3 will conclude at 5:00 pm after graduation.  You will be expected to be present during all hours of the training, your trainer will go over a time frame with you the first night of class.

Are meals and/or lodging provided?

Meals and lodging are not provided by Rapport during the duration of the training. Your Class Letter will highlight these details, and all other specifics will be given during the time of the training.  We encourage you to bring snacks for break times. For immediate questions, check in with your Leadership Training Advisor.

What should I wear for class?

We recommend wearing casual attire while attending the training. We encourage you to dress comfortably as there will be frequent movement in class. Wear comfortable shoes, please no flip flops. In addition, there are no special dress requirements for graduation.

Can my spouse/family member(s) stay at the hotel with me?

We do not recommend inviting guests to stay at the hotel with you. Not only will you have limited time to spend with them, but you may also find their presence as a distraction if they are not participating in the training with you. Please discuss your plans with your Leadership Training Advisor. They will provide you with a deeper understanding of this.

What is the time and location for graduation? Who can attend?

Graduation takes place at the facility where your class is taking place and begins at 3:00 pm for Power Communication. This information will be in your class letter and your trainer will go over it again during class. We encourage anyone to attend graduation. Attendance will not ruin a future experience for a non-graduate.

Will there be allocated leisure time or opportunities to work while I am in class?

During the 2.5 days of training, attendees will not be allotted any additional time away from the training. Moreover, you should not expect leisure time or opportunities to work for the duration of the training. However, attendees are welcome to plan extra days into your travel before or after the training. We encourage you to choose to commit to being present and focused for this process to maximize the benefits of the training.

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