Teen Leadership Breakthrough

About the course

Teen Leadership Breakthrough is a 2.5-day interactive course that teaches youth leadership skills and encourages learners to step into the role of their lifetime: a leader. Through hands-on processes that force your teen to step out of their comfort zone, this youth leadership training course will create positive change in their life and prepare them for adulthood.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to communicate with confidence.
  • Discover how to work as a team to accomplish a common goal.
  • Face their fears and tap into the confidence necessary to achieve their dreams.
  • Uncover who they truly are.
  • Step into their power as leaders
This course is a part of the Master Graduate of Leadership program

What our participants leaders say

Teen Leadership Breakthrough

Empower teens to create opportunities!


2.5 Days

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For teens looking to

Unlock Their Potential

Build Self-Confidence

Empower Themselves

Frequently asked questions

Are meals provided?

Meals, lodging, and all materials are provided during the duration of the training. All other specifics will be given during the time of the training. We encourage you to send snacks for break times.

What is the cell phone/electronics policy?

Teens are not permitted to have electronics of any kind during class time. We ask that parents/guardians take custody of all electronic devices at check in and return them only once their teen has graduated their class. If the parent does not take custody of the phone the Rapport trainer/staff will take custody of the phone and return to them at the end of class.  This allows them to be fully present with their team during the experience.

What should my Teen wear while attending the training?

We recommend wearing casual attire while attending the training. We encourage you to dress comfortably and in layers as the temperature of the rooms in each facility may vary and attendees will be outside at various parts of the training. There will be frequent movement during the class, so we advise you to wear sturdy, closed toe shoes for walking and other activities. In addition, there are no dress requirements for graduation.

What is the age range for the course?

The age range for Teen Leadership Breakthrough is 15-18 years old and at least a freshman in high school. If they have already graduated and are in the workforce, please contact your Leadership Training Advisor.

What should my Teen bring to class?

You will be provided with a list of things they will need to bring for class, included in their Class Letter which you will receive 45 days prior to their start date. Your LTA can also provide this information to you.

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