Leadership Breakthrough One

About the course

Experience dynamic content, hands-on application, and interactive features... to develop systems for personal accountability and teamwork performance. When you improve the person, the performance improves. When you improve the performance the business improves, the family improves, and the community improves.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding that a diverse group of individuals who work together in synergy can accomplish more together than any individual
  • Focus that sharpens the ability to shut off distractions and laser in on what’s important
  • Passion and enthusiasm to live out loud—work is no longer work!
  • Communication, feedback and accountability, personally and with the team, which creates alignment in organizations for optimum results
  • Self-awareness to create values and a clear purpose
  • Self-confidence to speak up, share ideas, express an opinion, and take risks
  • Ability to stretch outside one’s comfort zone, change approaches, create stability in the organization, innovate, share ideas for improvement, and take action
This course is a part of the Master Graduate of Leadership program

What our participants leaders say

Leadership Breakthrough One

Just Focus and Do It!


2.5 Days

Part of

Master Graduate Program

For individuals looking to develop

Personal Accountability



Frequently asked questions

Who will be attending class with me?

You will be attending class with a diverse group of people from various industries, all levels of leadership, from all over the country, and different parts of the world.

Why are there not exact times provided for each day of training?

The timeline will be at the discretion of the trainers depending on what it takes for everyone in the class to complete what is required on each day of the training. We make sure everyone gets to participate.

Will I receive an agenda for my course?

No, attendees will not receive an agenda for the training, and there is no preparation needed prior to attending. It is human nature to study for the test. We are not interested in pre-prepared responses. We want you to be yourself and respond in the processes like you do every day in your life. This will allow you to take the 100% honest look at yourself.

Can my spouse/family member(s) stay at the hotel with me?

We do not recommend inviting guests to stay at the hotel with you. Not only will you have limited time to spend with them, but you may also find their presence a distraction as they cannot participate in the training with you. Please discuss your plans with your Leadership Training Advisor. They will provide you with a deeper understanding of this.

What is the time and location for graduation? Who can attend?

Graduation starts at 1pm. Graduation locations and times are included in the Class Letter sent out 45 days prior to attendance. You can also reach out to your LTA for further information. We encourage anyone to attend graduation. Attendance will not ruin a future experience for a non-graduate.

What should I wear for training?

We recommend wearing casual attire while attending the training. We encourage you to dress comfortably and in layers as the temperature of the rooms in each facility may vary. There will be frequent movement during the class so wear comfortable shoes that will support you. In addition, professional business attire is required for graduation on the final day. Further details for your class will be included in the Class Letter sent to you 45 days prior to your training. Your Leadership Training Advisor can answer any other questions you may have as well.

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