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Leadership begins with you. Personal development relies on your attitude and willingness to learn. Every day is an opportunity to improve. That’s today!

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How We Build Our Courses:
It starts with a conversation. Rapport U closely collaborates with subject
matter experts of your company to assess the needs of the business. 

With consideration to
the learning styles and audience, we craft the learning objectives that focus.


Rapport Training did a very good job with our organization's Communications training.  It provided communication strategies that can be implemented right away when trying to send and receive effective communication.  Our trainer, Sabrina, gave very practical suggestions for being a better communicator overall.

Trish Grigg

Director of Human Resources, Fenwick High School

“Fantastic content and tailored to the specific needs of my leadership team. The custom approach really hit home and the delivery was fresh and entertaining which is critical for a high performing tenured team. I look forward to working Rapport U again.”

Rick Munneke,

Managing Director – Regional Market Executive, Charles Schwab

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Manager Human Resources RTC of Southern Nevada