Leadership Breakthrough Two

About the course

What does it mean to be the best of the best? Unleash untapped potential and step out limiting comfort zones to breakthrough to the next level. Leadership Breakthrough Two helps improve interactions with others. This immersive experience improves teamwork, reinforces collaboration with coworkers, and raises the level of trust and respect for others.

Learning outcomes

  • Creating a high-performance team with synergy to collaborate and achieve set goals
  • Flexibility and creativity which allows everyone to innovate, re-create, and change
  • Culture of mutual trust and respect with open lines of communication
  • Focus and taking action: live in the moment, gather information, take initiative, and make decisions that propel the team toward solutions; WIN-WIN!
  • Clarity that brings inspiration to people eager to work with leaders with focus
  • Ability to work outside of comfort zones to generate innovative ideas and expand scope
  • Learning to play big: learn new things, let go of habits that do not benefit the organization, turn fear into productivity and apprehension into execution
  • Decision-making, collaboration, and brainstorming: moving beyond isolation and silos to embrace collaboration towards a common goal
This course is a part of the Master Graduate of Leadership program

What our participants leaders say

Leadership Breakthrough Two

Dantotsu Best of the Best


2.5 Days

Part of

Master Graduate Program

For leaders wanting to improve



Trust and Respect

Frequently asked questions

Are meals and lodging provided during the training?

Yes, all meals, lodging, and materials are provided for participants throughout the duration of the training.

What should I bring to class?

You will be provided with a list of things to bring for your class 45 days prior to your start date. You will definitely want to bring a wide mouth water container that you can refill during the class.  Your LTA can also provide additional information.

What should I wear while attending the training?

We recommend wearing casual attire while attending the training. We encourage you to dress comfortably and in layers as the temperature of the rooms in each facility may vary and attendees will be outside at various parts of the training. There will be frequent movement during the class, so we advise you to wear comfortable, sturdy, closed toe shoes with good support. In addition, there are no dress requirements for graduation.

Will Rapport provide transportation to and from the training site?

It is the attendee’s responsibility to secure transportation to the training site. That information will be provided in the Class Letter you receive 45 days prior to the start of class. Your LTA will have the information when you pick a date and a location and sign up for the class.

What is the length of the training? When am I expected to be present?

The training occurs over 2.5 days, allotting to 30 hours of training.  Come prepared to be fully present for the duration of the training. Times for arrival and departure will be in the letter you receive.

I’m pregnant. Can I still attend class?

For the health and well-being of the attendee and the unborn child we do not recommend individuals who may be or are pregnant to attend this course until the pregnancy is over. We highly encourage consulting your medical professional to review the following training objectives prior to enrolling:

  • Strenuous physically activities
  • Intense mental and emotional demands

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